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Need a new Salad idea?
This is nice and fast! And great as a side dish.
Give it a try 😁

Carrot slaw (mixed carrot & cabbage)
Veganaise (vegan mayonnaise)
A little baby kale
And drizzle with some olive oil that’s been soaking garlic ( the longer it soaks the better it taste!)

About 3 hours left until my 30 day challenge begins!

What will I be doing you ask? Lol

No sugar- no refined sugar, for me that will include fruit juices unless I juiced it myself, only natural unrefined sugar
No dairy-bye bye cheese
No eating out
Nothing white!
Work out 5 days a week

Who is with me?
You don’t have to do the same thing, but you can start by giving up 1-3 things for 30 days that you know is no good for you, take your work out routine up a notch (or start) and add in some healthier choices to replace your unhealthy habits.

Lets do it together!!! Share with me your challenge

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